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The Process

The Process

1. The Application

To start the Process fill in an online form on the homepage. This goes to one of our team who will analyse the information provided and cross check that vehicle, it’s specification, mileage and condition against a database of similar vehicles and their market value. This provides us with indication of how much the car is worth, and we can then give you a quote for how much we’ll buy the vehicle for.
Once the form has been submitted, we aim to either call or email our customers back with a true valuation within 25 hours!

2. Confirming The Details

The next step is for us to get in touch you with you by phone to have a quick chat about the vehicle. This is usually a 10 minute call in which we ask any questions we have which may affect the price we quote. This is usually the conversation you would have when you drop off the car at one of our competitors, but we try to save both parties time and effort by doing it before hand on the phone!

3. Accepting Our Offer

Once we’ve had a quick chat on the phone and we have given you our quote for what we’d buy the vehicle for, the ball is in your court! You can decide there and then if you’re happy with the offer, or if you’d like to go away and think about it that’s fine too, our advisers will give you a reference number to call back with to accept our offer at a later date.

3. Collection / Drop Off / Inspection

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we then need to arrange collecting or drop off of the vehicle. You can bring it to us or we can send out an adviser to collect the vehicle. At this stage we inspect the vehicle to make sure all the details you gave us were correct, this is why it’s very important you fill in the application accurately, as if upon inspection the vehicle is not in the condition you described, the price we quoted for the vehicle will not accurately reflect it’s price and we would have to re-quote.

4. Cash Payment

Once everyone is happy and we have received the vehicle. We bank transfer you the cash price we agreed. This is an instant transfer so you receive the cash before you leave us or we drive the car away!